Pay-Per-Lead vs. Conventional Lead Programs

Like many ground transportation company owners you spend countless hours on running your business, managing employees/drivers, maintaining the vehicles and constantly working on developing new business. Especially in today’s economic climate and continuous consumer belt tightening, even the most successful operators can find it difficult keeping their existing customers and booking new ones, no matter how good their rates and services might be. Operators spend $100’s and even $1000’s monthly on referrals, keywords and leads just to stay afloat and keep their doors open. While buying the keywords and leads increase your site user traffic, generate phone calls and occasional bookings, none of them have a real-time status of your vehicle availability, so you pay for irrelevant clicks and poorly targeted leads that produce low results. pay-per-lead model gives you ability to choose whether you want to buy or reject each incoming lead, so that the investment you made has a higher return.

Because you choose to pay-per-each lead based on your availability and few other factors, you can control your leads, your spending and know exactly what response you’re getting.

Our Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Booking services are two most exciting and industry beneficial products we rolled out this year that help to drive new business to the chauffeured transportation companies. Visit our website, become our transportation partner, setup your Limo Partner Portal, receive leads and exclusive customer bookings.

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    I think the best part is you get the lead first and then work it out.

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