Limousine Partner asks “Why should I discount my services?”

Today we live in very tough economic times. Our industry thrives on people utilizing our services for their special occasions such as nights out on the town, weddings, proms, wine tours, day trips as well as various party occasions. We also have the advantage of providing services for the business traveler that utilizes chauffeured transportation for airport transfers, corporate events, meetings and financial road shows.’s technology was built on the premise that in order to survive this industry needs to reach out to a larger market base. As we all know if a consumer rode with us rather than utilizing a taxi or shuttle service they would never go back. In fact, in some cases it is dangerous for people to utilize taxi services. I just read and interesting article about cab services which support my belief. Our industry needs to provide services to the public that is both reliable and affordable, but first we must get their attention.

The question faced when developing our underling technology was how that can be done profitably. How can we provide discounts to the consumer and still keep the standards of service at a level that will make the experience the same. Our technology is based on the same principles as the Online Travel Agencies like Cheaptickets or Hotwire. They sell unbooked rooms, airline seats and rental cars.’s technology works on the same principle. We encourage our Limousine Service Partners to provide a list of unbooked vehicles on a daily basis and to discount those vehicles in order to provide the best rates possible to the consumer.

By providing these discounted rates to the consumer one of two things happens. First, the consumer will be encouraged to utilize our services over and over again, which increases the number of trips we provide, which in turn increases your business. Second, Limousine Service Partners keep more of their vehicles out on the road, rather than parked in their garages. This win-win scenario helps keep your company profitable and it keeps the customer coming back for more.

Another benefit of this relationship is the fact that when we market our discount based model to the consumer always conveying a convincing message that allows them to believe that for a few extra bucks they can have a much better experience utilizing your services, rather than those of a taxi or shuttle service. This allows our industry to attract a much larger audience than we currently service.

By using our services and providing discounts to the consumer, you can keep more of your vehicles out of the garage and you can increase profits substantially because by doing so you are allowing your unscheduled vehicles the ability to generate additional dollars for your company. We believe that once the consumer accepts the fact that our discounted rates provide them a much greater level of service and comfort over taxi or shuttle services, they will come back time and again.

Another great feature of the Limousine Service Partner relationship is that your company never pays a fee for our services unless you receive a confirmed booking. Our system only charges a customer when they book a ride with your company. We charge a modest 20% deposit that is based on thee base rate of your vehicle offering and any additional services that the consumer adds to their ride. You never see these charges and the customer is made aware that the deposit is to confirm and hold their reservation. With the feature enhancements of our website you can offer as many additional services as you want to offer the customer I.E. water, newspapers, roses, red carpet etc. Once the customer has booked with your company that customer is yours to woo and keep and all of this is at no charge to you. is in the middle of negotiations with several major online travel services. These travel services provide services to millions of online consumers on a daily basis. Once those consumers realize that they can book chauffeured ground transportation online at discounted rates, together our businesses are going to flourish. We are talking about revolutionizing not only an industry, but also the way people think about our industry. So my advice to our Limousine Service Partners is to provide your discounted rates within your Partner Portal and sit back and watch your business grow.

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  • Michael Jason

    yes. i agree with you. your services is the best prices in the other competitors. thanks for the giving this service.

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