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Booking chauffeured transportation services to tour your local winery is a convenient way to not only have a great time with your favorite friends in one vehicle, but also worry-free way to enjoy this tour. These are a few things you should consider before you make a decision as to which limousine service provider you are going to use. Taking the time to do a little research will ensure that you not only create a perfect memory, but also have a great time in the limousine, SUV or Party Bus provided by the very best limousine company Though the cost of a limo service is certainly important, there are many factors to consider when hiring a transportation company for you r special event in order to have a great time.

Here are just a few areas you should focus on in order to find the company that is going to make your day a memorable one.

Company Profile
Established Limousine companies are in business for a reason. On our site, you will find Limo Service providers sharing their company history, specialty services, and packages, their affiliations with local and national associations and earned awards.
Limo Provider Rating
One of our key goals launching this website was to have users of transportation services to share their reviews, experiences and recommendations. We hope you as a potential customer will find these user reviews helpful and informative in your overall decision making process. We also encourage you to post your feedback and reviews about your limo experience with the company.
Other Vehicle Rates
In the company details page, you will be able to view other vehicle rates, images and amenities with out searching again. Limo Service Providers will post other vehicle types for your selection. In some instances it's worthwhile to spend additional $30 and upgrade to a stretch limo, or spend additional $100 and book Stretch Hummer 2 limo or Stretch Cadillac Escalade limo or Party Bus. So, be selective and check out other vehicle options.
Package Deals
Also, in the Limo Companies details page you find Package Deals that may include a package for Napa Valley Limo, Sonoma Limo Services, Santa Barbara Wine Limo Tours and Willamette Valle Limo services. These packages may include complimentary extra services and products giving more value for your dollar. Extra services like Red Carpet Roll Out, concierge service, complimentary beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), and picnic baskets can make your chauffeured transportation experience much more memorable.
Before you go ahead and book a service, we encourage you to read the Limo Service Provider's Terms and Conditions. You want to be familiar with their extra fees, schedules, cancellation policy, payment terms and damages clause. Just FYI: Some companies charge as much as $300.00 for cleaning a car and as much as $20.00 for a broken glass. So, make sure you read it.

All of these things that I mention are important to ensure that you and your betrothed have the very best possible day. Nothing can ruin a good day more than having your Limousine service take a wrong turn.

Here are some other things you may wish to consider in advance of that special day: How many people are you going to share the ride with? Are you going to use a stretch limousine or a party bus? Before you book know that you will have to have a credit card ready to secure your vehicle? Are you going to pick up everyone at one specific spot or have them all picked up at their homes? (Having everyone meet at one specific area and then drop off at that same place will give you more time to enjoy the limousine during the evening.) What color limousine do you want? Armed with this knowledge and finding a company that gives you the right answers will make your special day a little less stressful and a lot more memorable. Good Luck